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We are a company specialized in digital marketing & e-commerce with offices in New York, US; Toronto, Canada and Sao Paulo, Brazil. We work with Inbound & Outbound Marketing and Performance Media.

We work in the management of Social Networks, Creation and Execution of E-mail Marketing, Creation of Sites and Virtual Stores, Management of Campaigns of Google AdWords, SEO with Marketing of Content, among others.

We do not limit ourselves to traditional solutions. We adapt and also understand the client's business, as if it were ours, to generate real results.


We have partnerships and relationships with companies in the market.
Our team is always qualifying and perfecting, and knows what is new and current in the digital market.

Our values: Transparency, Commitment, Competence, Ethics, Efficiency.




We work on creating or adapting websites that fit any screen resolution, including tablets and smartphones, while still providing users with the tools they need to navigate, such as a menu and a search bar.

In addition, you will have the autonomy to manage the entire content without necessarily having to rely on our team. Nothing better than being able to edit texts, colors, images on your own ...


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We act in the area of business relationships, facilitating and approximating commercial contacts, elaborating a "Business Relationship Project" customized for each client, aiming at the conquest and expansion of the market through telephone calls and / or sending email confirmations.

Some of the advantages: * Optimization and reduction of costs of the commercial area; * The customer does not need a physical space and structure appropriate to the quality of the connections.


We work with several platforms, to have total control over any content and appearance of the virtual store, managing everything from a Control Panel without the need for the user to have the need to have technical knowledge.

To make it possible to sell with the platform, we use e-commerce applications that allows you to sell anything, perfectly. Built to seamlessly integrate with websites, the e-commerce App gives full control to store owners and developers.





We work on capturing our own business market segments, so that only those users who are interested in your products / services receive the promotions.

This makes the cost of mailing cheaper because it does not take millions of emails to achieve the expected result, as well as complying with the best practices suggested by regulators of email submissions.




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