A identidade visual de uma empresa é criada a partir de seus conceitos e valores. Ela é importante, pois facilita a identificação da sua empresa nos mais variados locais. Pense, por exemplo, no McDonalds: a letra M, no tom de amarelo, é reconhecida no mundo todo, e atrai inúmeros clientes.




Visible elements of a mark, such as color, form, and form, encapsulate and convey symbolic meanings that can not be transmitted through words alone. In a broader (corporate) sense, it can include elements such as building architecture, color schemes, and dress code.

The visual identity of a company is created from its concepts and values. It is important because it facilitates the identification of your company in the most varied places. Think, for example, of McDonalds: the letter M, in the tone of yellow, is recognized all over the world, and attracts countless customers.

We want your company to stand out from the rest and be remembered by your customers, so we offer the visual identity creation service. Contact our team and ask for your budget.

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How can we help you?


Identify the target market

What kind of clients are you trying to attract? The success of your company's branding efforts will depend on the customers you are looking for. Fashion graphics and hip-hop music can appeal to the younger consumer, but such advertising can turn off mature customers. Address the interests of your potential clientele.

Legal Issues

Legal issues to

deal with ...

Research your ideas so you do not infringe on another company's brand. Developing your brand is a long-term investment. Register your trademark legally to protect your company name from impostors and possible customer confusion.


Logo and color scheme

Choose simple color options and an easy-to-read font for your company logo. Choosing a graphic that says something about your business helps in creating your unique brand. A good example of an effective logo is the red, white and blue circle of Pepsi®. The simple logo dominates the cans and bottles in which it is printed and the only reading required is to determine whether it is regular, flavored, diet or caffeine free.