Propaganda realizada na Internet. Ela pode ser criada para divulgar sua marca, gerar leads ou aumentar suas vendas. Uma das principais vantagens é a possibilidade de mensurar os resultados de forma exata e em tempo real.



Advertising carried out on the Internet. It can be created to advertise your brand, generate leads or increase your sales. One of the main advantages is the possibility of measuring the results accurately and in real time.

google "adwords"

Google ad platform where you can create and advertise ads on Google's search network and the Google display network, that is, on affiliate sites. Based on cookies and keywords, you can create campaigns targeted at a qualified audience.

"taboola" platform

Using this platform, the ads will be displayed through related display content. In practice, your article will appear on related sites of the same subject, causing you to gain authority, visits, and popularity in places that address the same subject as you. You could have banners disguised as news, exposed in large portals, attracting clicks and new visitors.

 ads in facebook

Digital marketing campaigns service that Facebook makes available so that the publications made in the network reach a more expressive result. It provides data and metrics that enable you to better understand your audience and know what actions they perform within the network.

"outbrain" platform

It is a platform that commends its content between the websites of the largest and most respected media groups in the country and broadcasts it to a qualified and engaged audience. It allows you to optimize your content, connect with new audiences, and create a long-term relationship with your readers.

 native ads

With the famous native ads, like Taboola and Outbrain, the advertisement comes disguised as a suggestion of content. Ads have an excellent content marketing strategy with a blog. We can reach the top of the sales funnel and advance to the stage of discovery and recognition of a problem.

"bing" search engine

It is Microsoft's search engine, where it is possible to advertise services or products with friendly interface ads. One of the advantages of this tool is its cost-per-click (cpc), which is lower than Google's, since the competition is less.
Research has shown that 21 percent of desktop searches are done via Bing and Bing sales results are up to 2 times greater than on Twitter.