Nos atuamos na área de relacionamento inter-empresarial, facilitando contatos comerciais entre empresas, elaboramos um "Projeto de Relacionamento Comercial" personalizado e especifico para cada cliente, objetivando a conquista e ampliação de mercado através de ligacoes telefonicas e/ ou envio de emails com follow-up. Cada cliente e cada público a ser alcançado requerem determinado atendimento e abordagem.



We work in the area of inter-business relationship, facilitating business contacts between companies, we elaborate a "Commercial Relationship Project" personalized and specific for each client, aiming at the conquest and expansion of the market through telephone calls and / or sending emails with follow -up. Each client and each audience to be reached require certain attendance and approach.

Our service does not have sales of products or services, but mediation of business relations through assertive telephone contacts. With an efficient plan of action, either to win new clients at the company level or individuals, it generates greater productivity in the commercial area of the companies, adding value to the work proposals and products of the clients represented.




More than quantitative, telephone contacts are qualitative. A product or service that interests one organization may not be useful to the other. Therefore, it is very important to define the target audience with the company to be represented. And, in contact negotiations, the meeting is scheduled with the "decision maker", which tends to narrow the process of signing a business partnership.


Our professionals are fully capable of representing every customer with excellence, optimizing the time spent in companies locating and attracting new business partners. Through a vast database in Brazil, updated regularly, our company is able to make selective contacts, able to win new customers, as it knows how valuable each client is. Therefore, prioritizes investment in operational and technological quality.






Our methodology consists of approaching, through personalized speech for each client, all the selected mailing, until obtaining result. It is not the random sending of marketing emails, but rather, in arousing the interest of the executive / company, through an effective and exclusive approach within the needs of the clients.


All this operational routine of contact with the client and to cause their interest in the scheduling of the meeting is done by telephone, so that the costs and the time become reduced, exigency that is imposed in the business activities. The email marketing channel is also an ingredient that can be used in order to facilitate the contacts, if there is a need and be agreed in advance with the client.

The three sequential phases of the Relationship Project include:

    Deployment (understanding our client)
    Action (agreed plan)
    Follow-up (feed-back and follow-up)






Business Relationships

Target Audience

Representing Our Client



Understanding our Client

** Study of the product / service;
** Expansion plan;
** Definition and study of the target public (prospect);
** Selection of the public according to segment, locality, postage, etc .;
** Strategies of approach;
** Identification of barriers and solutions;
** Speech for various audiences;
** Preparation of letter and e-mail of presentation;
** Training;
** Duration of 5 working days.


Execution of the Agreed Plan

** Trained advisor according to customer service and image;
** Disclosure of the product / company;
** Telephone and email contacts;
** Meeting Schedule;
** Immediate shipment to customer's schedule;
** Confirmation of meeting by phone and email, with copy to the client;
** Daily monitoring of results.


Accompanying the actions

** Second contact;
** New approaches and strategies;
** Definition / adequacy of new targets;
** Contact management;
** Results report;
** Visit together.

Some Advantages of Outsourcing Prospecting

- Optimization and reduction of costs of the commercial area;
- The client does not need physical space and structure adequate to the quality of the connections;
- Intensive training to better represent each company, product and service;
- Supervision and monitoring of daily results;
- Rotating of advisors to obtain better results;
- Operational costs (telephony, labor, marketing, etc.);
- No variable remuneration on service / product sold.