Não dá para não estar nas Redes Sociais. Presentes no cotidiano de todos, elas são uma excelente ferramenta para atrair, converter e fidelizar um cliente.  Mas o gerenciamento das Redes Socias de sua empresa não pode ser feito por qualquer um. É preciso alguém que entenda de suas funcionalidades e como tirar o melhor proveito delas.




You can not afford to be away from Social Networks. Present in everyday of all, they are an excellent tool to attract, convert and retain a customer.

But managing your company's social networks can not be done by anyone. It takes someone who understands their features and how to make the most of them.

So let our team take care of them for you. We create a plan of action, set goals, develop content, customize gear, manage your ads, and monitor each action by sending detailed reports to you.

Frequency of Social Media Usage

Types of Social Media Campaigns

Campaign with "lookalike" (facebook)

It is a feature of Facebook Ads that generates a list of new public with profile of extreme resemblance to the original public, be it a base of emails, page fans, site re-marketing, etc.

We list the profile of buyers of your site, we identify the social, economic and behavioral profile, and we meet other people with the same characteristics, which guarantees more sales probability.


(google | facebook)

Re-marketing identifies users who have already visited your site and now shows your ads more often to them. Whether on sites that accept ads on the Google display network or on social media.

Ads identify the user, not the computer. That way it will follow you not only on the company's computer, but also on the smartphone and home notebook.
Re-marketing with list of emails, and list of site visitors.

Products catalog (facebook)

An ad in this format increases the likelihood of discovery and purchase by displaying a video (or a master image), just above several relevant images of a product. By clicking on the ad, the consumer is taken to an immersive experience that shows up to 50 products at once and loads quickly into Facebook's own environment.

Getting visits to the Store (facebook)

What do you think brings the user to his establishment, after impacting him with campaigns on Facebook?

Relevant ads must be location-based for people who are close to all of your stores.

Advanced call-to-action buttons allow people to interact with the company directly from their News Blog. They can get the address and call or send a message to the business directly from your ad.